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Private Investigators use many methods to determine the facts in a variety of matters. To carry out investigations, they may use various types of surveillance or searches. To verify facts, such as an individual's place of employment or income, they may make phone calls or visit a subject's workplace. In other cases, especially those involving missing persons and background checks, investigators often interview people to gather as much information as possible about an individual. In all cases, private investigators assist attorneys, businesses, and the public with legal, financial, and personal problems.

Let's look a little closer into what we at Infinite Justice, LLC do:

Child Custody

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon during separation and divorce that the children get stuck in the middle. Sometimes parents can even try and use the child against the other to gain more status, more money, or just to be spiteful. In many of these cases, the offending parent is only looking out for themselves, not the well-being of the child.

In order to show how the child is being treated by the other parent, we can document critical information during exchanges and visitations. We gather any evidence of the child's treatment during a legal custody investigation. This can mean interviewing the other parent, questioning witnesses, and conducting background checks on all parties involved in the child�s care.

We can also utilize video and photographic surveillance to show the parent�s behavior while the child is in their care, document who the parent associates with and who the parent may be exposing the child to. If required, we will also provide expert court testimony.

Domestic and Divorce

Divorce can be a very nasty business, and having to deal with a spouse who is unfaithful or who attempts to hide money and assets can be a frustrating experience.

You may have the feeling or even know something is going on, whether it be because of little inconsistencies or just a gut feeling, but you have no actual proof to back up your suspicions.

We can utilize video and photographic surveillance, movement tracking, and often times evidence of infidelity in cases of cheating spouses. We can also utilize other methods to determine and find any hidden assets or monies that the spouse may be attempting to hide, to avoid it being caught up in divorce or utilized for child support or alimony. If required, we will also provide expert court testimony.


Surveillance is utilized in many types of cases and in many forms.

At Infinite Justice, LLC, we utilize all types of surveillance including electronic (phone records, social media, email), physical (watching the subject to document evidence), interviews, and mechanical (photographs, video, drone).

Depending on the case needs, the surveillance may be covert or obvious, mobile or stationary.

Missing Persons, Skip Trace, and Person Location

Some people go missing, and some that do don't want to be found. This can be extremely frustrating if the person owes you a debt, you need to deliver court documents, or inform them of assets or inheritance that they have received.

We can conduct background checks on the individual which include record searches, utilize video and photographic surveillance, conduct interviews of witnesses and associates, and perform physical searches to find the person.

Arson Investigation

Every year, billions of dollars in lost or damaged property are caused by Arson, but the arrest rate of those arson-blazes is only about 17%.

We can interview the firefighters that were on the scene to document critical data about the fire. Once the data is collected, we can reconstruct the event, and use science to prove or disprove arson. If required, we will also provide expert court testimony.

Background Checks

Background checks are becoming increasingly popular. Not just with pre-employment, but also with prospective romantic relationships, renting homes, and hiring someone to work at your house.

We can find criminal and financial history, professional licenses and work history, degrees and educational history, and driving records.

Criminal Investigation

Crimes happen everyday, and it is important to make sure the right people are punished.

We can interview witnesses, examine photographic evidence, perform document searches, and conduct background checks of all persons involved.

Accident Reconstruction

Accidents do happen. And most of them happen so fast, that we can't actually remember or figure out exactly what happened. Most accidents that are investigated are auto accidents.

We can inspect the accident site, interview witnesses, photograph the scene, and use documentation of other evidence to reconstruct the accident to find out exactly what happened.

This can give our clients answers as to what happened, and can possibly reduce the client's liability of the accident. If required, we will also provide expert court testimony.

Process Service

Process service delivers documents to let them know that legal action has been taken against them. Many people do not want these papers served to them.

We can utilize skip tracing and surveillance to make sure that the correct person is served. We will also make sure that the documents are delivered legally, and will be able to show solid evidence that they were served.

We are a member of the Serve Now Network.

Notary Public

Infinite Justice, LLC is a commissioned Notary Public for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Mobile notarization is available. Contact Us for details

Expert Court Testimony

Not all cases go to court, but if yours does, you can be assured that Infinite Justice, LLC will be able provide expert testimony regarding any and all evidence found in our investigation.

Corporate Investigations

Running a business can be very frustrating, especially when you are losing money or watching customers go somewhere else.

We can find out if a business partner is legitimate, whether and which employee(s) are stealing from you, reveal fraud and embezzlement, or determine if there is corporate espionage occurring. If required, we will also provide expert court testimony.